Business conditions change continuously so what may have been a solution to a problem last year, may not solve the problem this year and therefore your strategies need to evolve.

If you are the Founder-Owner-Director of your company you will have a great product or service which you have successfully taken to market.  In order to grow your company, you have a number of options one of which is to take on new investors.  This new relationship brings its own set of issues to you as the founder of your organisation.  Having built the company from the ground up, you realise that in order to satisfy the requirements of your investors, more of your time should be devoted to managing business operations in particular strategy, planning and in obtaining stakeholder agreement.

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Maybe your senior role is as a result of rising through the ranks having been a great worker and/or manager and specialist in a particular function.  However, now that you have reached the heady heights, you find more and more that you need to be a generalist having an understanding for technology, finance, sales, marketing, operations, HR and R&D and the resulting business problems that may occur in these professional areas.  Perhaps you have left behind a largely hands-on operational role which focused on performance to a role of strategic leader with a sudden knowledge expectation of corporate awareness of tactical thinking, governance and legal duties.

Whatever your circumstances, the Adapt Director’s Programme aims not only to inspire, but to give you the opportunity to debate with contemporaries and together look at the challenges you currently face, and to reflect and refocus on what is really important.

If in-house strategy meetings are often side lined because of operational issues or conflicting diaries, perhaps attending a programme as a senior leadership team would be beneficial.

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