In these conditions “the Company, we, us, our” means Adapt Limited (Adapt).  “The Client” means any company, firm, organisation, participant or individual or any agent thereof to whom the Company’s Confirmation of Booking/Proposal/Invoice is addressed.

These terms shall prevail over any terms of any other party.

Fees for training

The fees quoted for training include programme and course tuition fees, training materials supplied electronically unless otherwise agreed, and a certificate of attendance: relating to the topic of delivery.

All fees are subject to VAT which will be charged at the prevailing rate.


Please be aware that late notice postponements, cancellations and non-attendance can have a significant impact on our ability to manage the successful delivery of programmes and courses and for us to ensure a quality experience for all participants.

We assume a two working-day cooling off period for course bookings. That is two working days from the date of booking either by telephone or email, not from date of payment.

Cancellation, Postponement and Non-Attendance – Schedule of Charges

Whilst we are as flexible as possible for our Clients’ and Participants, it is also important that we receive sufficient notice if you or your participant(s) can no longer attend the session(s).

  • Cancellation or postponement 14 working days or more prior to the course start date: No charge
  • Cancellation or postponement 13-6 working days prior to the course start date: We will refund 50% of the course fee
  • Cancellation or postponement 5 working days or less prior to course start date: Full fee payable

Participants who fail to attend for any reason: No refund or partial refund of fees

Substitute participants will be welcome at any time before the course start date with no penalty charge


Invoices will be raised and sent in advance of training where possible.  These should be paid no later than 5 working days after delivery of the course.

Where more than one course is booked at one time or on one purchase order, full payment of the whole invoice is required no later than 5 working days after delivery of the first course.

Training Facilities

Virtual Classroom Setup Requirements

We use Microsoft Teams as our delivery platform.

For Virtual Classroom training, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that each participant has a pc/laptop with internet access, Microsoft Teams, a webcam, speakers and microphone. Further details about setup requirements and online platform will be included in the Participants’ Joining Instructions.

On the days of the training, participants will be required to join their online training sessions 10 minutes prior to their scheduled start time. If a participant experiences issues with connecting to the session, we will make all reasonable efforts to assist them.  However, if the problem persists and these issues are likely to have an adverse effect on the quality of the training or the amount of content covered, the participant in question will be asked to leave the session and full cancellation fees will apply.

In-Person Training Setup Requirements

When training is to be carried out onsite (at the Clients’ venue or other venue that the Client provides), Adapt require a minimum standard of facility and equipment in order to carry out a quality training programme which shall be discussed at the time of booking.

Safety and security

Trainers attending onsite venues will abide by any site security, safety measures and other on-site regulations operating at the course location.

Course suitability

It is the Client’s responsibility, having referred to Adapt personnel and training information, to ensure the course content and scheduling of sessions is suitable for the participants’ requirements.  Adapt always aim to provide a professional training service with skill, knowledge and care, but accept no liability in the event the course content does not meet the participants’ requirements.

Limitation of Liability

In addition to the limitation included under ‘Course suitability’ above, Adapt excludes all liability for accidental or consequential damages howsoever arising.  In no event shall Adapt’s liability for any damages arising out of the training programme exceed the fees paid to Adapt for the training programme or services.

Approaches to Employees/Associates

Adapt regards any/all approaches to Adapt’s employees and associates, for the purposes of proposing alternative employment, private training services or consultancy, to be unprofessional and totally unacceptable.

Offers of Employment

It is an express condition of our booking terms, that no offer of employment or engagement whether permanent or temporary, whether training or otherwise, shall be made directly or indirectly either by the Client or any associate of the Client to any member of the Company’s staff or associates known to the Client as a result of any training or services provided.

Failure to observe this clause will incur a sum payable by the Client equivalent to 30 days fees at the normal rate.

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