“We have worked with Adapt since 2011 for a range of off-site and on-site training provision including some bespoke training.  The subjects included Window Desktop Skills, Exchange and PRINCE2. On all occasions they have been helpful, efficient and professional in both their support and delivery.  Their trainers have been fully competent and experienced and delegates have found the sessions to be both informative, interactive and a valuable learning experience.  I would recommend Adapt as a proficient training provider and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Janis Cording

Truck-Lite Europe Ltd

Bespoke to your business

Adapt’s face-to-face and virtual courses and programmes can be delivered according to the needs of your organisation. Need customised training that is shorter or longer than our standard courses? Want training specific to your organisation? Our team can create bespoke courses and training sessions that match your requirements.

The benefits of bespoke

Why choose a bespoke training course for your organisation? Here are a few great reasons why:

Go at a pace that is suitable for your organisation

When it comes to our training courses we can work to your pace with experienced, knowledgeable trainers who will adapt to the group and quicken or slower the pace depending upon the needs of the people in the room,

Train specific skills and subjects relevant to your industry

We understand the importance of providing training that is specifically tailored to the needs of your industry. That’s why we offer a range of courses designed to help you and your employees develop the specific skills and knowledge necessary to stay ahead.

Choose training modules that directly benefit your organisation

When it comes tailored training, it’s essential to choose  subjects, modules and courses that are directly relevant and beneficial to your organisation. This means identifying the specific skills and knowledge that you need to succeed and selecting the topics that address those needs. We have in-house expertise to help you put together the perfect solution, why not start exploring today and get in touch with us.

Maximise efficiency and productivity with bespoke courses

Our bespoke courses can be tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your organisation. We work closely with you to ensure that what’s delivered matches to your learning objectives and to ensure you come out with the knowledge and skills you desire, to put into practice the very next day.

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Want to know more about our bespoke training courses? Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Please enquire with us to learn more.

How do the Tailored Programmes Work?

This is for clients who require a more bespoke service and delivery, or even sometimes with just a small tweak to our standard content.

Working with you, you have a choice, which is that we can either take an existing course and make slight changes to what’s actually delivered or we have the necessary experience and skills to write your programme from scratch and create content that will develop your participants to exactly where you need them to be.

Where are these courses provided?

Tailored training programmes are delivered virtually or in-house at your venue (sometimes called on-site), may be specific to your requirements and alleviate the need for participants to travel.  Training delivered to a company group means that everyone receives the same message, and the content is usually tailored to include company specific values, targets and goals.

What are all the benefits to these courses?

  • Courses and workshops can be more closely aligned to your specific outcome requirements
  • Our facilitators focus exclusively on your needs
  • Learning goals, course content, workshops, workplace projects and delivery schedules are customised to best meet what you require
  • Learning outcomes support your corporate strategy, workplace policies, continuous improvement or cultural change.
  • Programmes are delivered virtually or at a venue you supply, usually the participants normal place of work therefore there is no wasted or additional travelling time
  • Easy access to own technology, computer networks, specialist equipment, etc
  • Familiar Learning Environment
  • Courses can be delivered over a timeframe that suits your business cycles
  • Consistent messages are delivered
  • Sharing and problem solving of operational issues
  • Enhance inter departmental relationships

Recent Feedback

When dealing with Adapt they are always friendly, efficient and flexible.  They deliver quality, bespoke training solutions using a unique hands-on approach that produces measurable results and our desired outcomes.


The training was incredible, absolutely my favourite training I’ve done in a good while. Clare was brilliant, so knowledgeable and approachable and very engaging! I wish every company would put so much attention to detail when it comes to doing training.


Trainer was brilliant! Especially that he kept checking in that we were following along.


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