Are you thinking about transforming your business and getting it into better shape?

This training focuses on simple tools to apply the philosophy of Lean Thinking to your own personal workspace – that is the area of your business for which you are responsible.

The workshop focuses on demonstrating how simple tools and techniques can be used to make a difference to how people work and play. Of course, the Voice of the Customer plays a big part in the discussions, as do hands-on exercises and group activities.


 This training will be the first step in taking a new initiative which:-  


  • Helps you understand the basics of Lean 6 Sigma 
  • Provides some useful techniques to improve your personal workspace environment 
  • Gives you an understanding of ways you can reduce waste and save money


  • Essential Theory and introduction 
  • Developing the Mind Set 
  • Waste Identification techniques 
  • Waste removal & Mitigation techniques 
  • Don’t make me think 
  • The one Best Way 
  • Standardised Work Instructions (SWIs) 
  • 5S 
  • Poka Yoke 
  • SMED 
  • SPF & FIFO 
  • Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) methodology 
  • Working with colleagues (Team Work) 
  • Putting it all together: Hands on walk-through 
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What you need to bring for these courses when delivered as a virtual classroom.

For virtual classroom courses, you will need:

  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Microphone and Headset
  • Webcam
  • Microsoft Teams
  • A dual monitor setup is recommended for IT training
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