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Time Management Skills

1 Day


The most valuable resource available to everyone is time.  It is a common complaint that "there are not enough hours in the day" yet a typical employee devotes the majority of available time to low priority work.


Designed for those with some control over planning their own work, and ability to influence their use of time, it covers how to manage priorities and improve efficiencies.
Suitable for managers, supervisors or team members: cohorts will be grouped together as appropriate and whilst content stays broadly the same, the focus will shift accordingly.

Business Benefits

This course will enable participants to develop their skills in managing and prioritising their workloads to improve efficiency and reduce time pressures.

Participants will learn to focus on their key areas of responsibilities.

Participants will learn techniques for long-term and short-term personal planning which will help them to work effectively under pressure and get results, by means of discussions, questionnaires, practical exercises, as well as trainer input.

Programme Objectives

  • Identify areas where time is wasted
  • Manage interruptions and overcome obstacles 
  • Reduce their level of stress at work
  • Be more assertive in resisting pressure to take on more tasks
  • Use planning strategies and tools to manage their time more effectively

Programme Content

  • Analysing your job description and key areas of responsibility
  • How to make sure you spend your time doing the right things: prioritising
  • Recognising Time wasting and Time Wasters
  • Saying "No" and being Assertive with positive language
  • Self-awareness of the use of time
  • How to use a Task List for self-organisation
  • Forward Planning and Controlling the Calendar
  • How to delegate effectively – the right task for the right person
  • Managing Interruptions
  • Organising Work into Active and Reactive Tasks
  • Using Office Systems to Save Time
  • Recognising the effects of stress
  • How to handle paperwork and avoid information overload on e-mail systems
  • Action Plan
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