Course Overview

Sales people often find it difficult to maintain the correct balance between prospecting, presenting, negotiating, closing and client nurturing which can lead to ‘feast or famine’ and lost opportunities.

The content of this Sales Skills and Strategy training course has been put together to benefit those new to a sales role, as a refresher for existing sales people, or for professionals who have been in sales for some time but have never received any formal training.

Key sales concepts will be introduced throught the course with a focus on the challenges faced in daily sales situations.  Participants with sales experience will also be reminded of skills that they know work but don’t do and recently developed sales techniques will also be discussed.

One of the most powerful tools in the sales person’s toolbox are questioning and listening skills.  During the programme we will be practicing how effective questioning and listening strategies that support the customer through the sales process can shorten the sales cycle and minimise objections.

Developing relationships over a long sales cycle will be reviewed and as a group we will be brainstorming ways to warm-up clients in cold calling and looking at what constitutes ‘good’ ways of building rapport that avoid the obvious conversation starters.

This is a very interactive training course and will require participants to diary individual challenges in advance of the course.  These situations will then be used to provide specific case studies and exercises for the participants, giving them actual real-world preparatory examples to return with to their respective workplaces.

Course Objectives

After attending this training course, you will be able to:

  • Provide a consistent strategy, model, and skills for making more compelling prospecting calls
  • Master the key mechanics of selling with a persuasive Need/Benefit Statement
  • Develop an actionable, measurable Prospecting Plan that lives on after the training and delivers quantifiable results
  • Provide strategies to overcome the biggest obstacles to making contact with prospects: Objections, Voicemail, and Gatekeepers

Training Content

The Strategy of Selling

  • The Psychology of Selling
  • The Role of the Buyer and seller
  • Steps in the Sales Cycle
  • Understanding Customer requirements
  • How Sellers Help Buyers decide
  • Questioning to identify applications
  • Supportive Listening
  • Planning for Success
  • Leads, Prospects, Clients
  • Cold Calling


Selling Skills

  • Review of Questioning Techniques
  • Face-to-Face versus Telephone Selling
  • Features, Advantages and Benefits
  • Discussing Price
  • Negotiating for Win-Win Outcomes
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing
  • Building Relationships
  • Presenting You and Your Product As Solutions
  • Letters and Proposals
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