Martin Seligman developed the PERMA model of management through many years of studying positive psychology and assimilating those theories into the real world.  He was able to prove that this model not only created a happier more motivated staff for companies, but that the level of commitment and productivity was greatly improved.

Since applying the PERMA model to their businesses, larger organisations such as IBM and Virgin, have found the positive outcomes of this management model have paid dividends in terms of staff retention, development and wellbeing.


This course aims to bring the model to life in a practical way.  The session is highly interactive.  Utilising video and scenarios the trainer will guide participants through the creative and realistic implementation of this new and exciting way to manage staff and self.

Programme Content

  • Positive emotions
    • Managing conflict, difficult conversations and gaining perspective upon staff management issues to create a positive atmosphere within the workplace.
  • Engagement
    • Creating commitment within your team to adopt and apply strategic goals.
  • Positive Relationships
    • Building connections and relationships with clients and staff, whilst maintaining boundaries.
  • Meaning
    • Generating the ‘bigger picture’ and job satisfaction within your staff.
  • Accomplishment/achievement.
    • Utilising measurement tools to promote a well-managed and self-motivated team.
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