Designed for those who have little or no previous knowledge of using a computerised word processing software program and are intending to use Microsoft Word in order to produce documents

You should have basic pc awareness skills including knowledge of how to use a keyboard and a mouse.

By attending this workshop, you will learn –

  • How to produce, edit, print and enhance the appearance of documents
  • Quick ‘tips and tricks’ and the use of key features in Word and their benefits in different situations
  • The intricacies of when, and how to use tabs and/or indents which are commonly the most confusing aspect of getting to grips with Word in the initial stages


  • The Word Environment
  • Moving around a document using a mouse or keyboard
  • Enhancing Text
  • Inserting/deleting Page Breaks
  • Opening/Saving/Closing Documents
  • Different Views
  • Selecting Text with the Mouse or Keyboard
  • Formatting Characters and Paragraphs
  • Using Format Painter
  • Deleting/Inserting Text
  • Undo and Redo
  • Changing Case
  • Text Alignment
  • Line Spacing
  • Borders
  • Tabs including Leaders
  • Inserting Symbols
  • Using the Highlighter
  • Automatic Numbering and Bullets
  • Spelling/Thesaurus/Grammar Checking
  • Cut/copy/paste
  • Zoom Magnification
  • Inserting Automatic Dates
  • Headers and Footers
  • Automatic Page Numbering
  • Page Setup Options including changing Margins and Orientation
  • Printing Options
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Screenshot
  • Customising the Toolbars
  • Search
  • Quick Parts
  • Replace
  • Creating and Using Styles
  • Section Breaks
  • Headers and Footers in different sections
  • AutoCorrect
  • Creating and Using Themes and Document Forms
  • Outlining
  • Tables including using Tabs in Tables, Calculating and Sorting
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What you need to bring for these courses when delivered as a virtual classroom.

For virtual classroom courses, you will need:

  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Microphone and Headset
  • Webcam
  • Microsoft Teams
  • A dual monitor setup is recommended for IT training
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