Sales people often find it difficult to maintain the correct balance between prospecting, presenting, negotiating, closing and client nurturing which can lead to ‘feast or famine’ and lost opportunities. 

This training covers key concepts and introduces recently developed techniques. Participants who have sales experience will be reminded of what they know works but don’t do. Nurturing relationships over a long sales cycle will be reviewed. 

This course covers aspects of sales communication on the phone, by email, face-to-face and online. 


By attending this course, you will –

  • Be able to use the consultative sales approach
  • Have the skills to build rapport and develop client relationships
  • Know how to increase sales opportunities and revenue


  • The Psychology of Selling  
  • The Role of the Buyer and seller  
  • Ways to make a positive impression  
  • Identify strategies that help you speak well with the decision-maker  
  • Effective opening statements  
  • Use Open, Closed and Alternative questions to identify client needs  
  • Listening skills  
  • Questioning to identify need  
  • Your USP and FAB  
  • Handling objections  
  • Enhance communication skills  
  • Relationships that support sales  
  • Closing and Negotiation Skills  
  • Action Planning 
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What you need to bring for these courses when delivered as a virtual classroom.

For virtual classroom courses, you will need:

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  • Microphone and Headset
  • Webcam
  • Microsoft Teams
  • A dual monitor setup is recommended for IT training
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