Resilience is an important personal attribute that can have a huge influence on your general wellbeing at home and on your performance at work.

It is the ability to remain positive, be adaptable and maintain personal wellbeing in the face of challenges, high-pressure situations and continuously changing environments.

This workshop will explore ways of building resilience, how we typically respond to change and how those around us typically respond. We will explore behaviours (ours and our colleagues’) that we see during times of change and look at ways to reduce stress for ourselves (rather than waiting for somebody else to do it), as change is often accompanied by stress that can affect us both at work and home.

Audience: Anyone who feels anxious or stressed with changes taking place in society or within their own lives.



By attending this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand factors that influence personal and work resilience
  • Be aware of how to develop a resilient mindset and attitude
  • Identify your own change readiness and how this relates to your resilience
  • Use a variety of techniques for developing personal resilience, including building self-confidence, setting goals and raising thought awareness
  • Explore practical ways of dealing with stress
  • Construct a personal plan for continuing to build resilience and manage change
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“I was very impressed with this session. I enjoyed it and got a lot from it so that the following day I was able to put it into practice and it helped.”   

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