Partners and Managers in professional service firms are often expected to generate the bulk of their firm’s revenue.  Usually, they have risen up the ranks because of their specialist expertise and represent the organisation in front of their clients.  They are seen as the experts in their respective fields.

This course is designed for professional service firms to realise their full fee potential and not leave ‘money on the table’ by introducing the concepts of ‘consultative selling’ which are more akin to the advisory work that they naturally undertake and are accustomed to.

These skills involve active listening and problem solving techniques which more naturally fit into the culture of professional service firms and which solicit a client conversation that uncovers hidden problems that the Partner or Account Manager can then help solve and attribute billable time to.

Building and maintaining successful business relationships is vital to any member of the firm or practice and the ability to ‘sell’ their services is key to developing both themselves and their organisation.

Course Aims

This training is aimed at developing participants’ abilities in a sales context.  It will examine why people buy from you, the importance of building rapport, understanding your client’s requirements, and following-up meetings effectively.

Much of the focus will be on how to illicit information about client requirements.  The overall development will be on changing the participants’ perspective to focus on the client – rather than on your organisation and services.

Understanding how clients have evolved in recent years is critical too and one of the goals to reinforce will be how you can make your clients an advocate of your services and solutions.

And, finally this course will examine effective follow-ups after client meetings and how to gain commitment, seek additional revenue streams and build longer-term mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships.


  • Understand the differences between conventional and consultative sales
  • Recognise and increase revenue opportunities for your organisation
  • Demonstrate the skills required in asking questions to unearth your client’s real issues
  • Offer solutions which specifically addresses client’s needs
  • Learn how to move into a trusted advisor and partner role with your clients that adds value to them
  • Anticipate and overcome objections
  • Recognise when to Close and how to ask for the business


  • How people make decisions to buy
  • Building positive relationships
  • Mapping the purchase
  • Questioning to uncover needs
  • Supportive listening
  • Features, advantages and benefits of your service
  • Handling objections
  • Presenting you and your service as solutions
  • Discussing fees
  • Closing styles and techniques
  • Following-up, whether they buy or not
  • Personal Action Planning for Self-Development
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What you need to bring for these courses when delivered as a virtual classroom.

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  • Webcam
  • Microsoft Teams
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