Many people confuse assertiveness with aggression. However, assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights in an open, non-confrontational approach. Yet assertiveness does not come naturally because we have all learned passive or aggressive behaviours to stave off confrontation and to try and get what we want.   

This training is designed to help you to put forward your points of view in ways that are productive whilst being receptive to the needs, wants and feelings of other people. 


This training is the first step towards achieving some of the following benefits –  

  • Being more self-confident  
  • Improving interpersonal relationships 
  • Reducing stress and frustration levels  
  • Improving collaborative decision making and problem solving 


  • What is assertiveness? 
  • Assess where you are now 
  • Submissive, Passive, Passive Aggressive, Aggressive and Assertive Behaviours 
  • Recognising Behavioural Styles 
  • Beliefs and Rights  
  • The Art of Saying ‘No’ 
  • Using Positive Body Language 
  • Dealing with Negative Feelings 
  • Giving Feedback and Receiving Criticism 
  • How Others Influence You 
  • Handling Aggression 
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What you need to bring for these courses when delivered as a virtual classroom.

For virtual classroom courses, you will need:

  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Microphone and Headset
  • Webcam
  • Microsoft Teams
  • A dual monitor setup is recommended for IT training
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