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Professional Minutes and Note Taking

1 Day


Designed to cover the whole process of minute taking from agreeing the agenda with the Chair to issuing the final notes. It is a vital part of note taking that the agenda of the meeting is understood to allow the note taker to pick up key issues and words. The focus is on how to take notes during the meeting, and what to do if unsure what the point that needs to be noted was, through to formal presentation.

Programme Objectives

The Note Taker will feel more confident in preparing notes before, during and after a meeting. Improved notes will be issued following a meeting resulting in a clearer action stream.

Programme Content

Organising the Meeting

  • Planning and preparation for the meeting
  • Collation and distribution of papers
  • Liaising with the Chairperson to ensure subject of meeting is understood and briefed on key words to pick up

Note Taking

  • Different types of note-taking - their purpose and for whom they are written
  • The importance of clarity in communication
  • The collection and classification of material
  • Improving listening, concentration and recall
  • Identifying key words, key people and key decisions
  • Filtering information
  • Asking for clarity

Agenda and Minutes – formal issue

  • Their importance and purpose
  • Structuring the Agenda
  • Turning notes into minutes
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